Magnetic Filter Bars

About Magnetic Filter Bars

Magnetic rods or magnetic tubes are magnetic assemblies composed of magnets and protective layers. The magnets are mostly NdFeB and SmCo, while the protective housing is stainless steel or PTFE. They are widely used in various industrial productions to remove iron-containing contaminants in materials. Because of their big power magnetic strength. That make sure the machine will not damage and the product are not contaminated.


Protect housing

All bars must have a protective housing to protect the magnet. Because they will be impacted at different levels when working.

Stainless Steel

People always use stainless steel to protect magnet, keep the bar safe. But the thickness can not too thick.  Because the thick housing make the magnetic strength weak.


PTFE magnetic bar is the big magneitc stirrer bar.

They are widely used in industrial pipes and hose assemblies in which chemicals and acids enviroment. Thanks to its stable and durable characteristics and affordability.

Since they are tolerant of high temperature, food safe and chemical resistance.

No matter you want to make the product food compliant and resistane to staining or